Business Intelligence

Reporting on your marketing efforts needs to be insightful and actionable. We have a team dedicated to providing many solutions that equip you with relevant, comprehensive and digestible information that leads to explicit action.

API Integration and Development

We develop data transformation rules as required to deliver the data in the expected format for the client. The transformation results in time savings as the data no longer needs to be manually pulled or transformed.

Data Feed Automation

The ability for clients to receive a feed of their media and creative activity for internal reporting or modelling purposes.

Software Development

Our team go through a meticulous process of conceiving, specifying, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing to ensure the creation and maintenance of applications, frameworks and other software components.

Services include:

1) Bespoke Web – Based Application Development

2) Custom Software Upgrades and maintenance.

Data Visualisation

This modelling provides brands with a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour, their choice of media and selection of products. It speeds up the velocity to make rational decisions, and all levels of seniority can utilise the insights.

Real-Time Dashboards

A command centre with multiple screens to monitor marketing performance in real-time. The outcome? Improved reactivity is leading to faster customer response and ROI.